Previous Launch(es)
Date: March 16
Launch Vehicle: Proton M
Payload: Express AT1/AT2
Launch Site: Baikonur

Planned Launch(es)
Date: April
Launch Vehicle: Proton M
Payload: Loutch 5V/KazSat 3
Launch Site: Baikonur

In the present launch-campaign phase, the two spacecrafts, the Proton M launch vehicle, the Breeze M Upper Stage as well as the other components of the would-be integrated launch vehicle (ILV) are being processed on the component level at the Integration-and-Test Facility (ITF) 92A-50. The Breeze M passed the first run of functional tests and electrical check-outs over the previous two weeks. It was rolled out earlier this morning to have its high-pressure tanks loaded with propellants and high-pressure gases at the Fueling Shed.
The Angara test vehicle is installed on the pad and experts from Cosmodrome and from the space industry are carrying out a sequence of tests of the vehicles fueling subsystems/mechanisms and are verifying the ability of the fueling equipment to support Angaras maiden flight.The test vehicle is essentially a full-scale light-lift Angara electrical/fueling engineering mock-up fit with the interface components of the heavy-lift vehicle.
Earlier toda, a Breeze M Upper Stage was flown to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in preparation for the upcoming launch of two Reshetnev ISSbuilt satellites Loutch 5V and KazSat 3 on a Proton Breeze M launcher. Loutch 5V is the third member of the Russia's Loutch (Beam) multifunctional satellite relay system. The Kazakhstan's KazSat 3 communication satellite is designed to provide telecommunication, DTV and broadband Internet services across Kazakhstan and its adjacent countries.
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First Proton Launch of the Year; 85th ILS Proton Launch Overall
The European Space Agency (ESA) has converted a previously contracted back-up launch on a Rockot to a firm agreement with Eurockot Launch Services GmbH for placing into orbit an additional spacecraft from the Copernicus Sentinel range of satellites. Sentinel-5p will be the third satellite from this series to be launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome on a Rockot.ESA had previously contracted Eurockot for the launches of Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-2B, respectively in Q2 2015 and Q1 2016. Sentinel-5p is scheduled to be launched during the course of 2016.
Government Awards
Lenins Award
Award of Red Banner of Labour
Award of October Revolution
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