Previous Launch(es)
Date: May 16
Launch Vehicle:Proton M
Payload: MexSat-1
Launch Site:Baikonur

Planned Launch(es)
The first commercial launch of the Angara-1.2 launch vehicle from Plesetsk will be possible in 2017. Khrunichevs subsidiary, International Launch Services (ILS), provider of launch services based on the heavy-lift Proton-M, is vigorously promoting the latest Russian small-lift launcher in the international market.
06.2015 / Moscow Khrunichev Space Center (KhSC) and OAO Russian Space Systems (RSS), both affiliates of URSC, in the process of expanding their mutually beneficial cooperation, have agreed to reduce by 10% the cost of RSS-manufactured hardware for the Proton-M booster and Breeze-M Upper Stage. A protocol to this effect has been signed by CEOs of both companies in the presence of Igor Komarov, Head of Roscosmos.
At Baikonur, following yesterdays decision by the State Review Board, the Proton M integrated launch vehicle (ILV) carrying Mexicos MexSat-1 satellite was rolled out to its launch pad earlier this morning.
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International Launch Services (ILS), a global launch services provider for commercial satellite operators, is now actively marketing the Angara 1.2 launch vehicle. The Angara 1.2 vehicle will be available for launch in 2017. Launches will be conducted from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Northern Russia. Augmented with the heavy-lift Proton vehicle, ILS now has capability to launch the entire range of satellite masses with both vehicles serving the market.
Khrunichev and International Launch Services (ILS) regret to announce an anomaly during today's Proton mission with the Centenario satellite.
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