Previous Launch(es)
Date: February 1
Launch Vehicle:Proton M/Breeze M
Payload: Inmarsat 5F2
Launch Site:Baikonur

Planned Launch(es)
Date: March 19
Launch Vehicle:Proton M/Breeze M
Payload: Express-AM7
Launch Site:Baikonur

On 25 February 2015, Khrunichev Space Center (Khrunichev) and OAO Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) signed a number of documents envisaging expanded strategic cooperation between the two companies.
In furtherance of the Company Rehab Program, Andrey KALINOVSKY, Khrunichev Acting CEO, and Nikolai SEVASTIANOV, GSS Designer-General, met at Khrunichevs Proton assembly facility to sign an agreement on strategic cooperation, and a contract for a Proton launch of GSSs Yamal-601 communications satellite.
Lifting off from Baikonur on Sunday, February 1 at 15:31 msk, the Proton-M integrated launch vehicle (ILV) successfully orbited the Inmarsat-5F2 telecommunications satellite for the London-based Inmarsat PLC, the global mobile communications provider. This first launch of 2015 is the 402nd in Protons history.
A Proton-M/Breeze-M launch has been conducted today at Baikonur Cosmodrome to orbit Britains Inmarsat-5F2 telecommunications satellite. Launched at 15:31msk, the satellite is to be injected to a supersynchronous geo-transfer orbit with a 65,000km apogee.As per the mission plan, the spacecraft is scheduled to separate from the upper stage at 15h 31min from the liftoff.
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BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, December 28, 2014 International Launch Services (ILS), a leader in providing mission integration and launch services to the global commercial satellite industry, successfully placed the Astra 2G satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) today for SES of Luxembourg. SES is a world-leading satellite operator, providing satellite communications solutions to broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers worldwide. This was the 8th Proton launch of the year and the 3rd ILS mission for 2014.
Plesetsk Launch Site, Arkhangelsk Region, 23 December The flight test of the newest the heavy-lift Angara A5.1L launch vehicle was successfully conducted today from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome. The purpose of the test flight was to carry out comprehensive verification and demonstration of the Angara A5.1L launch vehicle readiness to loft geostationary spacecraft.
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