Previous Launch(es)
Date: July 09
Launch Vehicle: Angara 1.2ML
Payload: Not-to-be separated dummy
Launch Site: Plesetsk

Date: July 03
Launch Vehicle: Rockot
Payload: 3 Gonets SC
Launch Site: Plesetsk

Planned Launch(es)
Launch Vehicle:
Launch Site:

Preparations are in full swing for the launch of Angara 5 heavy-lift launch vehicle, marking the next testing phase of the new Angara Space Rocket Complex (SRC). The required testing completed, the first Angara 5 launch vehicle flight article has been shipped to Plesetsk from Khrunichev Space Center (Moscow).
The MoD State Testing Cosmodrome (Plesetsk Cosmodrome) in the Archangelsk Region is witnessing the initial flight tests of Angara-1.2, the latest Russian space rocket complex. Per State Commission decision, the light-lift Angara-1.2ML (Maiden Launch) integrated launch vehicle (ILV) with a not-to-be-separated payload dummy lifted off from the Angara multi-purpose launch pad, earlier today, the 9th of July. All ground processing operations, the launch and the mission of Angara-1.2ML have proceeded nominally.
A Russian Aeorspace Defense Forces team has successfully launched a Rockot integrated launch vehicle (ILV) with a cluster of three Gonets M spacecraft (the Russian Gonets stands for Messenger) earlier today, at 16:43 Moscow Time, July 3. This is a second Rockot mission in 2014.
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A Rockot launch vehicle successfully orbited three Gonets satellites for the Russian Ministry of Defence on May 23, 2014.This was the first launch of a Rockot in 2014. Rockot has so far performed 21 launches, namely 10 Federal launches since 2005 and 11 launches for Eurockot Launch Services GmbH. The next mission of Eurockot is scheduled for summer 2015 with the launch of Sentinel-3A for the European Space Agency and the European Union as part of the Copernicus programme.
First Proton Launch of the Year; 85th ILS Proton Launch Overall
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Lenins Award
Award of Red Banner of Labour
Award of October Revolution
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