Previous Launch(es)
Date: December 15
Launch Vehicle:Proton M/Breeze M
Payload: Yamal 401
Launch Site:Baikonur

Date: October 21
Launch Vehicle:Proton M/Breeze M
Payload: Express AM6
Launch Site:Baikonur

Planned Launch(es)
Date: December
Launch Vehicle:Proton M/Breeze M
Payload: Astra 2G
Launch Site:Baikonur

BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, December 15, 2014 The Proton M integrated launch vehicle (ILV) with the Breeze M upper stage, lifting off at night, has successfully injected the Yamal-401 spacecraft into the target geostationary orbit. The launch was performed for a Russian satellite operator, Gazprom Space Systems (GSS).This was a jubilee 400th launch in the flight history of multiple Proton launch vehicle (LV) modifications which started on 16th July, 1965. This was Protons 7th launch in 2014.
Today, at 03h16m (msk), a Proton M integrated launch vehicle blasted off from a Baikonur launch pad to inject the Russian Yamal-401 spacecraft. At the design time, the orbital unit including the Breeze M upper stage booster and the Yamal-401 spacecraft separated nominally from the LV Stage III, and continued the mission in a standalone mode. Subsequently, the spacecraft injection to the target orbit is performed based on four burns of the Breeze M main engine. The spacecraft/Breeze M separation is expected 9 hours 1 minute after the LV blastoff.
Following the State Review Boards decision, earlier today the Proton M/Yamal 401 integrated launch vehicle (ILV) was rolled out to Launch Complex earlier today.
The launch of Yamal 401 is scheduled for 15 December. This will be 7th launch for the Proton in 2014 and the 400th Proton mission since 1965.
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BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, December 15, 2014 International Launch Services (ILS), a leader in providing mission integration and launch services to the global commercial satellite industry, successfully launched the Yamal-401 satellite into geosynchronous orbit today on an ILS Proton for JSC Gazprom Space Systems (Gazprom) of Moscow. This was the landmark 400th mission for the Proton launch vehicle since its first flight in 1965.
BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, November 26 The launch of an ILS Proton launch vehicle with the ASTRA 2G satellite was postponed today due to the off-nominal operation of the Breeze M upper stage gyro unit during planned pre-flight testing.The additional time is needed due to the required destacking and replacement of the affected gyro unit and to ensure complete flight readiness of the vehicle. The satellite is being launched for SES of Luxembourg and was built by Airbus Defence and Space.The vehicle and satellite remain in a safe configuration at the launch site.
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