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Previous Launch(es)
Date: May 30
Launch Vehicle: Proton M
Payload: Yamal 601
Launch Site: Baikonur

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Launch Site:
Planned Launch(es)
Date: 12 July 2019
Launch Vehicle:: Proton M
Payload: Spektr RG
Launch Site: Baikonur

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Breeze M Upper Stage

Breeze M upper stage is used in the Proton M and  will be used in future Angara launch vehicles. This upper stage can support spacecraft injection into a low, medium-height or high GSO. An option is available without any add-on tank. 

Integration of Breeze M in the Proton M launch vehicle allows the weight of a payload to be injected into geostationary orbit to be brought up to 3700kg .

A Proton M/Breeze M stack was first launched on April 7, 2001 .




Breeze M Performance



Breeze M



A twin upper stage consisting of a core module (using Breeze KM as the baseline) and a jettisonable add-on doughnut tank surrounding the core.


Areas of application

Integration in Proton M, Angara A3 or Angara A5


Main specific features

 Overall dimensions are as small as possible

 Heavy and/or large payloads

 Long flight operations possible


Max. lift-off mass (kg)

 22,5 00


Max. main engine propellant reserve (NTO + UDMH) (kg)



Engine types/quantities/vacuum thrust

14D30 liquid propellant engine (main)/1 ea./2000 kgf

11D458 liquid propellant engines (vernier)/4 ea./40 kgf

17D58E engines (attitude control and stabilization)/12 ea./ 1.36 kgf


Max. number of main engine burns



Autonomous flight duration (hrs)

At least 24 (per Launch System Design Specifications)


Starting date of flight test


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