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Previous Launch(es)
Date: May 30
Launch Vehicle: Proton M
Payload: Yamal 601
Launch Site: Baikonur

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Planned Launch(es)
Date: 12 July 2019
Launch Vehicle:: Proton M
Payload: Spektr RG
Launch Site: Baikonur

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Rockot Launch Vehicle

The Rockot lightweight launch vehicle designed subject to Governmental Decree 925-r consists of three stages. The first two stages are essentially the booster stack of the RS 18 (or, equivalently, SS 19) strategic missile and the Breeze KM is employed as the third stage. A payload fairing has been designed for this launcher to accommodate one or more spacecraft in addition to Breeze KM.


High-efficiency liquid engines using NTO as an oxidizer and UDMH as a fuel are installed on the booster stack. These engines are designed by the Khimavtomatika Design Bureau, Voronezh, a long-standing partner of KhSC from the space industry.


Stage 1 is steered by gimbaling the four cruise engines. A special-purpose four-chamber thruster is installed on Stage 2 to steer this booster.


Rockot has a good performance largely due two the Breeze KM upper stage having broad capabilities as far as injection of spacecraft into orbits with different altitudes and/or inclinations is concerned. The Breeze KM equipment can control the spacecraft attitude to a high precision and supply spacecraft with enough power during both ascent and orbital flight lasting up to 7 hrs. A special-purpose system can separate the spacecraft and the upper stage with the minimum possible disturbances.


Breeze KM includes a propulsion bay, a propellant bay, an equipment bay, a transition section ('a boattail') and an adapter. The propulsion bay accommodates a propulsion unit, the propellant bay and a hydraulic system. NTO & UDMH, long-shelf-life propellants, are employed by the propulsion unit, which includes the main engine, a vernier thruster and an attitude control thruster. The main engine used is well known for its high reliability. Designed by Isaev KhimMash Design Bureau this engine is widely used in the space industry. Breeze KM has a high degree of commonality with the Breeze M upper stage.


Photos of Rockot


Rockot Performance




LV configuration

Two Stages plus Upper Stage Booster

Stages 1 & 2: based on SS 19 (RS 18) ICBM boosters

Stage 3: Breeze KM upper stage

Overall length with payload fairing,m 29.15
Propellant (all Stages) NTO/UDMH

Lift-off mass (kg)


Payload parking orbit mass (kg) ( H circ = 200 km , i = 63 )

1950 (Breeze KM)


Injection error :

 Orbit height (%)

1 to 2 

 Inclination (%)

0.03 to 0.05

Engine Type, Quantity,Thrust Values (sea level/vacuum):

 Stage 1 15D95 liquid engine (3) + 15D96 (1), 188,000 kgf / 212,700 kgf
 Stage 2

Main Engine: 15D113 liquid engine (1), /23,980 kgf

Steering Engine: 15D114 liquid engine, /1580 kgf

 Stage 3

Main Engine: S5.98 liquid engine (1 ), /2000 kgf

Vernier: 11D458 liquid engine (4 ), 40 kgf 

Attidude control and stabilization: 17D58E liquid engines (12),1.3 kgf

Max.diameter/ Length (including PF), m

 2,62 / 29,15

Starting date of flight tests

May 2000 (3 successful missions of close prototypes performed in 19901994)


Rockot / Breeze-KM Launch Heritage            

Commercial launches: 14 single, dual and multiple payload launches performed in 2000- 2018, 13 of which were flawless. Previous mission:  Sentinel 3B,  25th April 2018.

Federal launches: 15 single and multiple payload launches performed in 2005 - 2018,   Previous mission : November 30, 2018 ( 3 SC for MoD of Russian Federation).




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