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Date: May 30
Launch Vehicle: Proton M
Payload: Yamal 601
Launch Site: Baikonur

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Planned Launch(es)
Date: June 21, 2019
Launch Vehicle:: Proton M
Payload: Spektr RG
Launch Site: Baikonur

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RD-0110 (11D55) Liquid-propellant rocket engine

hspace=5Used as Stage 3 engine on Soyuz(manned flights)and Progress(cargo missions)to support Salyut and Mir space stations and currently the ISS program.


Complete with four steering nozzles, the four-chamber engine uses only one fuel pump and operates based on an "open" configuration.


Pvac = 298 KN (30.4MT-f)


t = 240s


Propellants:  kerosene and LOX
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